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Tutorials on how to make flashcards using Excel and other tools. Also online flashcards on languages, science, entertainment and more.

How to Create Flashcards with Excel

The following 6 tutorials are all for "autopilot" style flashcards, i.e., flashcards that display periodically (usually once a second) without any user interaction:

2-way Flashcards
3-way Flashcards
Multiple-Sided Flashcards
Audio Flashcards
Picture Flashcards
Free-Format 3-Way Flashcards

The following tutorial is for creating Excel multiple-choice Leitner flashcards that use spaced repetition:

Leitner Flashcards

Online Flashcards (now with spaced repetition!)

10-second instructions to run online flashcards:

  1. Click link below to browse flashcard listing.
  2. Click preferred flashcard set.
  3. Flashcards will start running in "Autopilot" mode. Click the "Run Multiple Choice" button to run flashcards interactively.
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Other Tutorials on How to Create Flashcards

Create Flashcards with Perl, R, Python, Ruby, C, Access, Bash, Powershell, etc:

All Flashcard Tutorials

Non Flashcards Tutorials

Computer Backup, Speed Reading, etc:

Non-flashcard Tutorials